African Rhythms

This painting 'happened' the week that world leader, Nelson Mandela, died before the announcement came. The colours are the flag colours of the ANC - the ruling party that Nelson led, and which agitated to create freedom in South Africa. Not consciously chosen.
How on earth did that happen?? I got 'shivers' when I looked back at the painting and realised the importance of its timing and symbolism.
I love the fact that there is a twirling dancer - somehow transmitting joy and freedom, at last, after the heaviness of that incarceration. It seems to fit perfectly. Again, it was painted very quickly, with no conscious thought and somehow it transmits a strong message - made more so by the shadowy figure on the left, doing an ANC fist salute. Who knew??

The 'Bonni Southey' signature as a TM is not on the finished artwork, which is mounted ready for framing. In case you were wondering..;-)
Limited Edition Print of 90 on Linen paper, size, including mount is 33cm x 40 cms, polythene wrapped
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