Cosmic Heart

Deeply, truly, madly.........very enigmatic yet passionate, distant yet so intimate - this contradictory heart sashayed smoothly onto the canvas- right into the perfect place, on the perfect beat - and then paused, at the last possible moment, to be festooned with twinkling, rare, very precious stardust to make it shine, magnificently, as the stage lights came up.....on the profoundly shy superstar.

Universal love, for the Cosmic Heart, is unconditional, inexplicable, all consuming and powerfully felt.

Consciously celebrating the mysterious joy of creation. And full of deeply experienced the irrepressible giggle that bubbles up with wild the velvet black of your dangerously heady coffee cocktail taken too late at night to be sensible......the crazily correct life changing decision made at the 11th is lived at the edge of the miracle zone......will it call your bluff and explode like a firework?, or fizzle steadily, brightly, until it the flame takes powerful purples, grounded with chocolate brown. Chocolate is a life essential, after all.

Limited Edition Print of 90 on Linen paper, size, including mount is 33cm x 33cms, polythene wrapped

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