Divine Feminine

This painting talks about the emerging Divine Feminine energy and our connection to Mother Earth. We are at a time in human consciousness when the feminine needs to be recognised and celebrated anew; where earthy, real, wise women are acknowledged for their original strength, importance and primal power, which is rooted in the original frequency of this planet.
The Divine Feminine is very healing and nourishing for the feminine energy in all of us - whether male or female. It is the Yin which is nourished by being in balance with the Yang.
Meditate on this image - breathe it in - can you feel the stirrings of recognition, connection and warm understanding deep in your cells...? She talks to the soul about freedom, honour and powerful integrity. Intuition and wise feminine energy reside in this image - at once strong and yet vulnerable.
There are many faces which emerge, wanting to be seen and acknowledged - layers and layers of women who have been suppressed for Millennia, who are now graciously - and forgivingly - stepping into the present and into their own sweet spots of power. Who can you see....??
This image was painted on a warm summer evening in a beautiful parkland setting, feeling loved, listening to music and feeling the caressing wind on my body - using only 5 colours in many layers and only a bendy palette knife - and was complete very quickly. The layers of paint all moved and dried together, which may be why it is possible to see the many faces at different times and from different angles – none of whom were deliberately placed on the canvas.

The 'Bonni Southey' signature as a TM is not on the finished artwork, which is mounted ready for framing. In case you were wondering..;-)
Limited Edition Print of 90 on Linen paper, size, including mount is 42cm x 56.5 cms, polythene wrapped
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