Magenta Roses

33 x 33cms | Linen finish
This image was truly just a little bit of fun...playing with lovely colour and brushstrokes and thinking light, easy, swirly thoughts, while one of my 'Soulscapers' painted alongside, clearing her creative blocks.

Imagine my surprise when I came back after making a cuppa and saw all the eyes peering out at me from the canvas - I nearly spilt my tea...! And the birds....there are quite a few of them when you peer back into the painting....I especially like the little white dove peacefully perched near the top.....what a fun surprise..

The 'Bonni Southey' signature as a TM is not on the finished artwork, which is mounted ready for framing. In case you were wondering..;-)
Limited Edition Print of 90 on Linen paper, size, including mount is 33cm x 33 cms, polythene wrapped
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