Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix Rising was a truly channelled piece and speaks of immense potential, new beginnings and shadowy figures and images, symbolic of as yet unformed realities, yet with great future potential.

It was painted very, very quickly, using colours which resonated with specific birthdates - there was no specific subject in mind, and somehow the beautiful form of a heavily pregnant woman emerged, with a shadowy male figure behind - appearing to be on fire. One of the observations was 'who is the red devil behind her?'

Different viewers have had startlingly different responses to the image......'there is a fist in her belly', contrasts strongly with 'you put my heart in her belly'. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder..;-)

My youngest child wandered in, looked, leant back and said 'It feels like a Phoenix Rising'.....and that stuck as the perfect name for the work.

For me it symbolises hope, potential and opportunity, and celebrates the Divine Feminine, as so many of my pieces do.

The 'Bonni Southey' signature as a TM is not on the finished artwork, which is mounted ready for framing. In case you were wondering..;-)

Limited Edition Print of 90 on Linen paper, size, including mount is 33cm x 40 cms, polythene wrapped
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