Soul Colours

33cm x 40 cm | Linen finish
This strong image is like looking at 'the window of my soul'. Literally.

Each of us has a specific birthdate - these numbers and their frequency are associated with our life path - and they resonate with colour at a frequency level. These colours are very significant for us, as they all have deeper meanings, which explain and rationalise our existences at a subtle level.

This painting is an image created using my soul colours - yellow, red and violet. So in essence the painting is a true picture of how my soul energy expresses itself.

Those who know me well, know exactly how that energy is playing out on the canvas - and for others, it is possible to intuitively read a lot about me from the image.

In the Soulscapes workshops this is one of the exercises we do - to explore the colours associated with our birthdate numbers. The very process of painting the colours is a therapy in itself, as we are able to process how the colours affect us, whilst painting with them. Transformational and often very therapeutic.

The 'Bonni Southey' signature as a TM is not on the finished artwork, which is mounted ready for framing. In case you were wondering..;-)
Limited Edition Print of 90 on Linen paper, size, including mount is 33cm x 40 cms, polythene wrapped
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