Soulscapes by Bonni Southey

Welcome to my store! I am Bonni Southey, mother, health practitioner, teacher, truth activist, deep thinker, intuitive artist..........someone who loves to creatively transform people, places and situations from imbalanced, to balanced again. I use a number of interesting tools to do this, and the one you are looking at now happens to be the one which gives me the most unadulterated pleasure....

As a relaxation and a therapy, I like nothing better than to squeeze three or four colours onto a palette and with a chunky brush or a bendy palette knife - apply them quickly to a waiting canvas. I usually do this after deep meditation, so it is in a quiet reflective time and space, and the images just appear as if by magic on the canvas - my hands move spontaneously and quite independently of deliberate thought. Sometimes I hear music in the ether, when I paint...that's a bonus...

I am told the paintings are 'channelled', and it does feel as though this is true.

After a burst of quite frenetic expression - never very long, and with time passing at warp speed - I turn away and wander off to make a cup of tea, and return to find an image which is often a total surprise..! And also tells stories of people; and hints at faces who weren't deliberately intended onto the canvas, and appear and disappear depending on who is looking at the canvas, and from which angle.

People describe my work as 'healing' - somehow it seems to shift 'stuff' at a deep theta healing level in the brain and psyche.

I don't like to get too serious and precious about myself or my art - so I like to lighten things up by adding sparkly nipples where I can...;-)...and all these beaded nipples are delicately snipped from some beautiful, antique Wedding-Sari lace - a really special vintage 'find' - and harks back to my original love of textiles and fashion design. Just a little irreverent giggle in a world that feels too serious sometimes..;-)

I also love to facilitate Soulscapes workshops - opportunities for people to explore their own creativity.....a little window out of their normal worlds into one in which they can be wildly creative again - a very healing experience.

This site is where I showcase the canvasses and sell limited edition prints of the images - only 90 prints per image. I hope that you enjoy looking at them and that they also prove to be healing at some level for you. Namasté.